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O'Hara, along with every other school and church within the Archdiocese of Portland, follows requirements referred to as Called to Protect.  These requirements are set forth by the Archdiocese to ensure that our volunteers and staff are trained and cleared to work in schools, and that our schools and churches remain safe for our kids.  Please remember, EVERYONE has a new requirement EVERY school year.  Please plan ahead and complete your requirements so that you are able to participate when opportunities arise.



‚ÄčThis year’s volunteer requirement is to complete the It Happened to Me online course. 

  • Click HERE to Login and complete online requirements.
  • Enter your user name and password.
    • Your login is your email.
    • Your password is the password you created when you received your invitation from Praesidium. If you have not created a password, click on Forgot Password.
  • Click Submit
  • Choose the course entitled It Happened to Me. When you have finished the course, click on Course Quiz and take the quiz to complete the course. Please note - you do not need to complete the other courses that are visible upon login. In addition, you must have a current background check on file and have completed the Know Your Policies (formerly Standards of Conduct). You must be up to date before you will be permitted to volunteer. 

You have two additional requirements that are necessary before you will be permitted to volunteer.     

  • Attend a Creating A Safe Environment (C.A.S.E.) training session. During the training, you will watch a video -Creating A Safe Environment. Per Archdiocesan guidelines, as long as you remain current with your background check and yearly online training courses, you are only required to watch the video one time. The training sessions have not been scheduled yet. Please check the weekly bulletin and school calendar for training dates.
  • Complete the Know Your Policies course in addition to the It Happened to Me course. Choose the course entitled Know Your Policies. Read the document and electronically sign the form.
  • Please note - you do not need to complete the other courses that are visible upon login. Thank you for taking the time to complete your requirements and helping us to maintain a safe environment for our children.

Please contact Stacie Seaver to complete your requirements, or if you have any questions.