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Community and kindness are the best things about O’Hara. O’Hara brings people and families together. I love walking the halls or even being out around town and seeing familiar faces smiling back at me. For my children, it has definitely instilled a sense of kindness and love for everyone and everything. When my kids hear sirens, they offer up a prayer for the person who needs help. They hold doors for people, smile at strangers and are respectful to all. O’Hara has encouraged them to care for others as well as themselves.


Our son is having a great time at O’Hara. I wish you could see a before/after image of his heart. We prayed for divine intervention and definitely hit the jackpot in finding O'Hara.


The first word that comes to my mind when I think of ANY staff member at O’Hara is “intentional.” Every single one of them that our family has come in contact with has been so intentional with our child. And not only our child, but our entire family. They don’t just remember your child after the first time meeting them. They remember each of their siblings and their siblings' names and things that are exciting in their life. The love and care that comes out of our school is really indescribable.


The parent community at O'Hara is unparalleled. It truly feels like an extended family for your children, with everyone working toward the common goal of raising happy, well-adjusted, faith-centered kids.


We love O'Hara for the welcoming, family-oriented community, the faith-centered education and top-notch academics.


God’s blessings come to us in many ways. For our family, the greatest blessing we have received has been the ability to have our children attend O’Hara Catholic School. O’Hara is a special school filled with love and holiness. At O’Hara, the faith and spiritual needs of the students always come first, and the education the students receive at O’Hara is second to none.


O'Hara provides an overwhelming sense of community and positive spirit among teachers, parents and children.


Our favorite things about O'Hara are the sense of community, the presence of God and the opportunities for growth in so many areas, including Christianity.


The best thing about O'Hara is the close community feel. The teachers take time to get to know all the kids in the school. O'Hara is very organized and it is easy to stay in touch with staff and other parents.


We were looking for an education, environment, and community that matched our values, a place where we didn’t have to worry about our child being lost in an overflowing class. We found that in O'Hara.