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715 W. 18th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97402






  Name Title Group
Jane Austin Austin, Jane 4th Grade Teacher
Juan Avendano Avendano, Juan Piano Teacher
John Beltran Beltran, John Middle School Teacher
Jim Bloomer Bloomer, Jim Middle School Teacher
Lorrie Booth Booth, Lorrie PE Teacher
Megan Brewer Brewer, Megan Communications Director
Bob Brotherton Brotherton, Bob 4th Grade Teacher
Kristina Campbell Campbell, Kristina Business Manager
Michelle Campbell Campbell, Michelle Director of Development and Admissions
Shanna Chess Chess, Shanna Photography Teacher/ Elective
Katherine Cohn Cohn, Katherine Vice Principal
John Conway Conway, John Middle School Teacher/Athletic Director
Tammy Conway Conway, Tammy Principal
Ursula Damgaard Damgaard, Ursula Piano Teacher
Stacy Davis Davis, Stacy Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
April Demers Demers, April Instructional Assistant
Bibi Foerster Foerster, Bibi Instructional Assistant
Carolyn Foerstler Foerstler, Carolyn 2nd Grade Teacher
Julie Fulton Fulton, Julie Art Teacher
Elizabeth Hedden Hedden, Elizabeth Teacher
Anie Helbling Helbling, Anie 2nd Grade Teacher
Alyssa Hendrix Hendrix, Alyssa Pre-School Teacher
Terri Holzgang Holzgang, Terri Instructional Assistant
Jeanette Hurley Davis Hurley Davis, Jeanette 3rd Grade Teacher
Carrie Johnson Johnson, Carrie Kindergarten Teacher
Leslie Jones Jones, Leslie Campus Minister
Norissa Keitzman Keitzman, Norissa Instructional Assistant
Heidi Kendall Kendall, Heidi 1st Grade Teacher
Gia Lane Lane, Gia 5th Grade Teacher
Clint Larson Larson, Clint Middle School Teacher
Jeff Leonard Leonard, Jeff Facilities Manager
Kathryn Leonard Leonard, Kathryn Music Teacher
Ester Lizarraga Lizarraga, Ester Primary Spanish Teacher
Ciro Magnani Magnani, Ciro Piano Teacher
Bill Manning Manning, Bill Playground Monitor/ Lunchroom
Kathleen Matson Matson, Kathleen Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Craig May May, Craig Middle School Teacher
Liz McConaghie McConaghie, Liz Instructional Assistant
Gavin McKinnon McKinnon, Gavin 3rd Grade Teacher
Michelle Meador Meador, Michelle Director of Advancement
Courtney Moore Moore, Courtney Kindergarten Teacher
Alicia Mullerleile Mullerleile, Alicia Financial Analyst
Amy Nowak Nowak, Amy Instructional Assistant
Heather O'Neill O'Neill, Heather Instructional Assistant
Maryanne Obersinner Obersinner, Maryanne School Faith & Curriculum Enrichment Coordinator
Rebecca Oster Oster, Rebecca Middle School Teacher
Ashleigh Quiring Quiring, Ashleigh Advancement and Admissions Assistant
Angie Relling Relling, Angie Learning Coordinator
Lori Roberts Roberts, Lori Title Instructional Assistant
Shauna Scott Scott, Shauna Art Teacher
Stacie Seaver Seaver, Stacie Office & Technology Support
Jane Sexton Sexton, Jane 1st Grade Teacher
Julianne Shepard Shepard, Julianne Piano Teacher
Madison Smith Smith, Madison Exceptional Learning Teacher
Emily Snyder Snyder, Emily Middle School Teacher
Elizabeth Tenbusch Tenbusch, Elizabeth Student Services Aid
Flory Vargas Vargas, Flory Middle School Spanish Teacher
Angela Villa Villa, Angela Instructional Assistant
Jordan Walsh Walsh, Jordan 5th Grade Teacher
Meredith White White, Meredith Title 1 Teacher
Barb Whitford Whitford, Barb Office Administrator
Leslie Yamaka Yamaka, Leslie Librarian