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We’d like to take this opportunity to remind all of our coaches, players and families about the athletic guidelines and policies in place here at O’Hara. We are an inclusive community dedicated to ensuring all of our students the opportunity to explore different sports available within our school. Our policies below are built with that same inclusive spirit in mind. Exclusion of any child from an O’Hara team is frowned upon, and will result in that team being unable to use O’Hara’s name or our facilities.



Notification to the entire grade(s) is required when a team is being formed that will use O'Hara facilities or O'Hara Catholic School name/trademarks. Please email your notification to our Communications Director, Megan Brewer, well in advance of the registration deadline so that it can be forwarded to the grade(s) affected.




Many of O’Hara’s teams are organized through outside organizations, such as Kidsports or YMCA. These O’Hara teams should reflect our mission, philosophy and values. We expect that our O’Hara parents will make sure that the students are respectful, have fun, and are not discouraged from participating in sports programs.


Only teams with the O’Hara name may use the O’Hara facilities for practices and games, unless otherwise approved by administration.  A team may use the O’Hara name only when all students on the team are from O’Hara and when the team formation guidelines have been followed, unless approved by administration. (Exceptions may be approved in cases where there are not enough O’Hara students to fill a team.)  

The O’Hara Athletic Director, Mr. John Conway, schedules the gym and fields after an orientation meeting with the coaches for each season. Coaches will be notified of the meetings via the Weekly Bulletin.  

Please contact the Athletic Director, Mr. John Conway, regarding questions, and please refer to the field request form to schedule practice and game times at O'Hara.


1.     Spectators may enter the building 15 minutes prior to the first game.
2.     While games are in session, students are to remain in the gym.
3.     We ask that there be no running, climbing or jumping on or under the bleachers.
4.     Only the team members may use the basketball court during half time and between games.
5.     Respectful behavior is expected from everyone. This includes no booing or other disorderly conduct.


**Only internal teams and external organization teams (Kidsports, YMCA, Flag Football, etc.) who use the O'Hara facilities for practice and games are subject to the team formation and splitting rules.**

K-3rd Grades
There is no competitive program provided by the local sports organizations for these grades. Therefore, the O’Hara teams shall not be specially selected or exclusive. A coach or parent shall provide notification to the entire grade when a team is being formed. Multiple teams from the same grade level should be as evenly matched as possible, including all participants who want to play. If there is more than one team at a grade level, the coaches will meet to evenly balance the teams.

4th – 8th Grades
There are programs for different skill levels with the local sports organizations. For these teams, a coach or parent shall provide notification to the entire grade when a team is being formed. All participants shall be evaluated by their coach/coaches and will be placed on a team that best suits the player’s ability.



The program sponsor usually provides game uniforms. If a team is allowed to use their own uniforms, the uniform shall be made available to all participants on both teams of that age group or grade. If a parent or coach provides practice uniforms, the other teams of that age group or grade should be notified of this so that they have the same opportunity to participate in the purchase. Any uniform that uses an O’Hara name or logo must be approved by the O’Hara front office. Please send all requests for team logo and name usage to Megan Brewer.



If a coach or parent secures a sponsor for a team, O’Hara administration must approve said sponsorship. 



Head coaches, assistant coaches and all other adults that may help with practices must be up to date with their volunteer requirements.  This includes a valid background check cleared with the front office. Please contact Stacie Seaver if you need to verify your status.  

Coaches who oversee an O’Hara specific team, and who follow the guidelines above, are eligible to receive a set amount of FIP hours.  Coaches who coach an exclusive team and who do not follow the steps above are not eligible to receive any FIP hours towards coaching.