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O'Hara Catholic School Foundation Investment Statement

In the fall of 2014, O’Hara Catholic School Foundation made the decision to practice more socially responsible investing by following the guidelines set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). As a Catholic organization, the Foundation is looking to draw the values, directions and criteria set forth by the USCCB in guiding its financial choices from the Gospel, universal church teachings and USCCB statements. The USCCB investment policies cover the following areas:

1.     Protecting human life
2.     Promoting human dignity
3.     Reducing arms production
4.     Pursuing economic justice
5.     Protecting the environment
6.     Encouraging corporate responsibility

The Foundation has a sincere desire to work for a more just society and more peaceful world through the careful stewardship of the Foundation’s endowment. This strategic shift of investment policy will protect the financial resources of the Foundation and exercise its responsibility as an investor to advance, in a small way, the values of the Catholic faith. 

​Policies Adopted by the Open Door Foundation

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