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O'Hara has a uniform dress code that was designed to foster school pride, to create a non-competitive dress environment, and to be easy for students and parents. Presenting a good appearance shows respect for each other and for one's self. In general, students have to be neat, clean and modest. The O'Hara Catholic School emblem or logo is permitted on clothing; otherwise, clothing is to be free of logos, advertising, pictures or other messages. Clothing should fit properly and allow ease of movement for participation in outdoor and other activities, but not be oversized. All undergarments are to be completely covered.



Families who have attended O'Hara previously, please note: we are phasing out the burgundy uniform color option and items featuring our old logo. White and navy polos will be the only polos available on our vendor websites, and our vendor websites have updated our embroidery options to our new/current logo featured here on the website. 

“Phasing out ” means, if you have items from previous years that are burgundy or that feature the old logo, we will allow students to wear them for one more year before we complete the transition and these items are no longer in dress code. The 2022-23 school year will be the final year these items are allowed. Please do not purchase any new items that do not meet these updates. 

The complete O'Hara dress code policy is included in the yearly Parent/Student Handbook.

O'Hara uniforms can be purchased at a number of locations, including:



  • O'Hara Nike hooded sweatshirts, available in our Gear Store, are permitted to be worn in navy and gray only as part of O'Hara's dress code. (These are very popular with our students!)
  • O'Hara Nike polo shirts, available in our Gear Store, are permitted to be worn in white or navy only as part of O'Hara's dress code.
  • Other O'Hara branded Nike items outside of dress code are available for family and friends to purchase here